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Looking for my first job ...
posted on Monday, 11 October 2010 12:39


I am a young and energetic fresh graduate looking for my first job and I'm dying prove myself. The problem is that I do not know which career is best suited for my interests. I'm trying to decide between being a stockbroker, an insurance agent, or a real estate agent. These are the careers in my mind that will help me achieve my ambitions best. Do you have any ideas for any solid data which could help me with my decision?

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Career Doctor  
Posted Tuesday, 09 November 2010 06:26 PM

I can sense your energy and enthusiasm and your keenness to ask for direction.

The three jobs you mentioned are all basically the same, sales & front end jobs, and you need to be licensed to do them. Have you acquired any or all of these licences?

What type of solid data are you looking for? With the help of the internet these days what answers can’t you find? And have you considered asking your network of family and friends to see if they know anyone working in the field who can share their career insights with you? Even applying for jobs in those sectors will give you a lot of insight on the job nature and sector from prospective employers. It might also give you the direction to help you with your decision.

Do bear in mind though, that although, some people may be doing extremely well and making a lot of money in a certain jobs/industries it doesn't necessarily mean you can too! You probably can't imagine the pressure and hard work and ordeals that "successful" person has to pay and endure to get where they are.

Don’t delay by dilly dallying over which position, you need to focus on where your interests and passions lie and put your words into action and make a move.

Good Luck!

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Posted Wednesday, 03 November 2010 10:50 PM

Artist, investment banker and real estate agent are great for Hong Kong, as Hong Kong is an international financial center and Eastern hollywood.

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