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A desperate mature-student
Question :

Dear doctor,

As a mature-student (aged between 45 to 50), it's not easy for me to find a permanent job since my graduation (BA in English & Communication in 2006, MA in Cultural Management in 2008 respectively)!  I understand there is age-bias, also having 2 degrees is very common nowadays; but the time when I decided to pursue tertiary education (early 2003), I didn't expect the age-bias is getting so serious ...

To earn a living, my resume is quite jumpy as I've been taking contract/partime/project job since 2006/2007.  I adopt an "open attitude" on my job-search categories:  based on my past experience as legal secretary/secretary at intl law-firms/MNCs, I look for admin/secretarial/personal assistant job; based on my tertiary studies, I look for arts admin/event/marketing/public relations job.

I've been offered with some good job-interview (e.g. a news-anchor at a media firm, however, when the interviewer asked for my age, there was no 2nd 
interview) but the "age bias" has restricted me for further chances.  

Fortunately and positively thinking, I look younger than my actual age; but when it comes to my actual age, it's a problem!

Do I need to "focus" on one category or keep an "open attitude" for more categories?  Or do I simply quit looking for jobs anymore as the community don't accept mature-students?

Some friends have advised me to start my own business (event, promotion, translation etc), due to lack of money and a large network, I can't set-up my own company.  That's why I'm a freelancer since 06/07.  I know applying for a B.R. is easy, but is it worthwhile if my freelance job/income is not stable?

May I have your professional advice?  Many thanks for your kind assistance!


Posted by mature-student on Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011

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