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Confused about my job
Question :

Dear doctor,

I'm now very confused about my job. I'm now working in a woven fabric trading company for five months. It only has office but no factory. I really like working in fabric field but i don't like working in trading company as i don't know much the techniques about fabric manufacturing. It is quite hard for me to catch up. If I have questions, I can only ask my senior colleague. However, sometimes they don't have deep knowledge about that, they can't answer me accurately. I have no technicians to ask.

Actually, after I graduate, I worked in knit fabric manufacturing company for two and a half years, it really enables me to get a deep technical knowledge that i need. As a sales person, i can confidently explain to clients every questions they ask. But now as I change to woven fabric field although the procedure is the same as knit fabric, the techniques is totally different.

Also, I think I have been downgraded, in the past I can handle several customers act independently and make the decision by my self but now i am an assistant to sales manager, do some backup tasks and the salary is less 1.5k, only got the fresh grad salary.

I'm so upset about that and I'm now considering if I should apply jobs which open from fabric manufacturing firms. I want to learn as much knowledge as i can from manufacturing for a few years and than jump to buying office/trading firm.

Should I change? Or stay here for a year and then change the job in order to have stable working history? which field should i work for? woven or knit fabric?

Posted by AL on Tuesday, 31 Aug 2010

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Posted Thursday 7th April 2011 01:59:00 AM


Why don’t you back to working in a manufacturing company? It sounds like you would be much happier and probably much more successful.

Career Doctor

Posted Friday 10th September 2010 02:07:00 AM


Woven or fabric, change or not change, it won't make any difference, as you're making a very common mistake. And this is a very important lesson you have to learn – don't compare your present job with your previous one. Unless you stop doing that, no matter how many jobs you change, you’ll still be confused, discontented and unhappy! Before you joined this new job, you should have known about the salary and the work conditions. What do you mean by being "downgraded"? In what term(s)? If you were so happy with your previous job, its duties and/or authorities, why change? What for? No one can stop you from learning, it's how you deal with it and your attitude towards it that matters, understand? If you have questions, find out the answer not just by asking questions, but through action! I’m sure you can find relevant courses to learn all the technical skills which you need to know for the job. After all we're all held responsible for every decision we make including but not limited to changing jobs and accepting new offers. Time is not to be wasted, but be used, before it's too late! It's only been five months, surely there is more to learn at your new workplace if you give it a chance.