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Confused about my career path
Question :

I'm now 25 years old. I graduated in Social Policy and Administration, but I work in airport in 1 and half years and now am working in travel services company as a tour escort. I'm confused because I feel those jobs cannot build up my career in a long term, and I'm not really know what's my interest. How can I find out what type of job is fit for me?

Posted by Dicky on Monday, 27 Sep 2010

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Posted Monday 28th January 2013 09:42:47 PM


hi all, I just came across this post. I'm 26 yrs of age and confused about my career and future. I did a Btech in computer science and even worked in the software development field for more than 2.5 yrs. Being honest, I hated that job and I cudnt think myself doing this for the rest of my life. I had to struggle in my career to survive. I finally gave up and decided to switch from software development to networking which I'm more interested in. Now doing a course in CCNA and MCITP. I am very much confused and do not know what to do right now. I dream of a satisfying job with good returns which would give me a decent life with the love of my life. The problem is, I am not able to figure it out exactly what kind of job is that, in which i can excel and I do not know where to turn to and I'm not able to focus since this worry lies deep in my heart and bothers me every single moment. An advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you..

anna fred

Posted Thursday 10th March 2011 02:32:00 PM


Hi, I feel strange even writing this as I know the answer probably lies deep down inside of me. I did a chemistry degree but have found the options of setting my career in that field very boring. I want to do something exciting and be successful at it, however, I have people depending on me financially. I am really confused and desperetly need help. How do u figure out what career to pursue? It's the hardest thing I've struggled with over the years. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 10th November 2010 02:38:50 AM


You don't feel you can build a career as a tour guide? Have you heard of Susanna Lau? She is the former general manager of Hong Thai Travel. When she joined the company some 20 years ago she didn’t even know if there would be a career as a tourist guide. She only had a passion for travel and wanted to go abroad as overseas travel was such a luxury back then, that she chose to join a travel agency as her first job and look where it has taken her during the course of her career! There are opportunities out there, it’s what you make of them that counts. Now how about you? You are a university graduate who has experience in two totally different jobs and yet you are still confused? Yes, although you are still young, bear in mind that doesn't mean you can afford to waste time and your youth! No one can! Dream job? Can you share what your dream job is? I'd like you to ask yourself if you do have an answer to that. The next step is how and what you can do to make your dream come true? How much care are you willing to give and sacrifice to realise your dream? And the saying goes "If you cannot do what you love, love what you do!"


Posted Saturday 16th October 2010 12:44:00 AM


Do you like tourist industry? Will you be happy to start up a tourist company conducting tours? You need to check out your real interest.


Posted Sunday 10th October 2010 12:11:00 AM


Hi Dicky, you are doing fine being gainfully employed. I was 25 years old once and just like you, I searched for the "ideal" job that would boost my career. You need to search your soul - what exactly do you want to do in life and are you passionate about it? Talk to friends and do more reading. Can you imagine yourself waking up every morning to do what you are doing right now? Do you have what it takes to move on to your "ideal" job? Do you need to get a higher qualification in order to reach your aim? At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you can conscientiously say is something you feel adequately passionate about. Your ultimate goal should make you happy and look forward to waking up to daily. Youth is still with you - so make the most of it!