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Question about commercial banking
Question :

Dear Career Doctor,

I'm a final year BBA student from CU, and am interested in working at a commercial bank after graduation.

I wanted to know what the routes were to working in the risk management department or becoming a relationship manager's assistant.

As far as I know, these positions normally require experience or entry in a management training program, competition for which is vigorous.

I suppose working in back office might be an option, but the prospect of working in back office doesn't sound too good. Do you know of any alternatives?

Thank you so much.

Posted by Lee on Thursday, 13 Jan 2011

Comments :

Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 20th January 2011 04:37:00 AM


It's never you can or you can't, it's about how badly you want it, and why? And there's no guarantee you can get into commercial banking even if you can join a bank as a management trainee. You could be assigned to any arm or division, so what are you going to do then? You need a step by step approach to reach your goal. Back office or front office, it doesn't matter as the most important of all is to set your foot in! There're opportunities to work in different departments and try out new roles if you perform well and are good enough for what the role entails. There might be more interesting roles you just haven't discovered, so don't limit yourself. And besides, when you say you're interested in joining commercial banking, what have you done so far to "pave your way"? It's easy to just say you like something, but to be able to prove and demonstrate your keen interest is a very different story. As a fresh graduate, you will definitely be asked by recruiters why you have interest in applying for the job in the first place. How well you can answer that question is the "key" to get yourself in.


Posted Tuesday 25th January 2011 04:45:00 AM


I also suggest you join an MT programme. Usually, you will shift amongst a few departments including branches or back offices. This will definitely help you decide which streams you like the most.


Posted Thursday 20th January 2011 10:35:00 PM


If you are very keen on working for a commercial bank, you should try to get some experience as a summer intern. Most big banks offer internship to students. Another way is to get a management trainee program that is also offered by most banks for fresh graduates.