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Teaching English
Question :

I am contemplating changing my career to teach part-time English. I am studying a master degree in English language but I don't have a teaching qualification. The only English teaching experience I have was when I taught part-time in an evening school more than 15 years ago, for 6 months. I have excellent English writing skill and speak near native speaker level. How can I get a part-time English teaching job? I am in my mid-forties.

Posted by Aspiring English teacher on Monday, 26 Apr 2010

Comments :

Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 8th May 2010 09:16:47 AM


You may try approaching those Learning Institutes, I believe they do have some proficiency test etc to determine your qualities and capabilities to teach. You may also try advertising in the classifieds as English tutor. But you must know the income is relatively low and unstable especially as you're a newcomer. However I've seen and known some who are doing really good and making a comfortable living being private tutors, but it does take time to build your clientele and network.