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Should I change fields to Property? Got a certificate in property management!
posted on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 22:11

I've been working as clerical job for 7 yrs, now change my field to property areas, and the salary has incremented and post have promoted to supervisor level, however, many seniors have advise me to study a degree if you want to be officer / manager level in this field?

As my present job is 12 hrs, too long and difficult to attend a degree courses? so I am looking for a office job such as property assistant / APO? am I on the right track?

now 1/5/2011, the front line staff salary is closer to the officer grade e.g building supervisor is 12-14k , and a Property assistant is 9k only, is it worth it to climb the ladder?

any comment ? I'm 30+ and I've got Certificate in Property Management!

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Posted Tuesday, 24 May 2011 03:47 PM

Hi DL,

Being a BS is totally different from a PA/APO. You may take following points to consideration before moving from BS to PA/APO:
1) Language Ability - PA/APO prepare more reports, agenda, minutes, notice.... documents related to operation to a BMO. Ability to write is essential.

2) Educational Background - PA/APO need more knowledge regarding BMO/DMC. I may suggest that a certificate is not an end, but it is just a start if you would like to move further in the property management industry.

3) Customer Servicing Skill - PA/APO need to interact with customers/ clients in more complex issue. They need excellence communication skill and industry knowledge to answer customer enquirers and solve problem.

4) Long working hour - PA/APO need to organize activities/ meeting during night time. In addition, heavy workload may make them work overtime.

If you are happy with 12-14k monthly salary and working 12 hour a day, you would better staying as BS.

If you want to take challenge and no financial burden, you may go ahead.

Good luck!

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Career Doctor  
Posted Tuesday, 17 May 2011 05:29 PM

It's always worth it to climb any ladder! Isn't that what we're all living for? Looking up, never down. To strive upwards as this is the only way to grow and excel!

BTW, who doesn't work long hours these days? What is the meaning of comparing your salary with those salary indexes? If you're not happy with your pay and where you are, work and try harder. I simply don't feel your passion nor enthusiasm when you describe your job and what you're doing, how could you possibly succeed?

When there is a will, there is a way!

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