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I cannot see what my future will be?
Question :

Dear Career Doctor,

I am 26 years old, I studied Hotel Management in University, I worked in Hotels for 1 year, but i feel bad about hotel industry , then i Changed to work as a 'corporate sales'. After 2 years. I know I am not good at selling, therefore I quit that job then I moved to Property Management as receptionist with high pay.

I know the current job 's pay is above industry average, but I cannot see the future ( career path ). I hope I earn and save as much money as possible during this job and pay for a master degree, the point is, I even don't what to study and what the future should be...

I am so desperate right now, because I see my friends who are in the same age with me are working as senior staff or assistant manager, I am still cannot find any idea on what should I do...

Can any organization and anyone help me??

Posted by Ashley on Sunday, 28 Nov 2010

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Posted Friday 29th July 2011 08:00:00 PM


Dear Ashley I suppose the main problem is you have not identified a discipline/job you are interested in. Don't compare yourself with others, this will make you feel bad and the comparison is not helpful at all. Try think of things that you have some interest in (eg think of a subject you like most while at university/ school). Then if you have no financial concern, try look for a relevant course (eg Master, Professional qualification even bachelor level qualification)and go for it. After you finish the course OR if you opt to find a job in that discipline, then browse the web, go to job expo, to look for jobs in that area. While still on your present job, you keep on looking for another. At least you are earning the money you need for your basic needs. This sounds easy but you really have to spend time on it. During the search, you will broaden your horizon.


Posted Monday 31st January 2011 12:28:00 AM


Back to basics... What do you really need in life to be happy? to be a millionaire? or perhaps just basic shelter and food? Perhaps you are forgetting work should not be EVERYTHING in your life. Living is, that means, if you die tomorrow by accident, which happens quite often in this world, would you regret you didn't spend that much time with your family and friends? At that moment, would you think about a career was all that important? or having more money to buy more stuff and living in a place over crowded with stuff? I know a man, he was a very successful business man, he is in his last days now, all he cares is not money, but to help people in need, so what is most important for you? is it still going to be money and where your career is in the future?

Tony Tam

Posted Monday 3rd January 2011 08:43:00 PM


Dear Ashley, I am Tony. I am 26 years old too. I have the same feeling. I am a university student (major in History). I have been entertainment editor, account manager in design and production house. But those experience cannot help me to choose what i want to do. My parents just retired. and my brother is studying without money. (and i don't believe what he is studying can really help him for a career.) What can I do?

Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 11th December 2010 03:01:56 AM


Why don't you tell me who can see a future? Want a bright future? Or a promising one? The only way is to work and try our best to achieve our career and life goals. And even when we do so we have to bear in mind there's still no guarantee we will succeed in doing so! While I see no reason in why you have to compare your job with your friends but mind you, you are the one making those choices, and that's why you landed this receptionist job which you think offered you higher pay and less stress/pressure unlike your previous sales job. You should be happy and content now for getting what you wanted, why so upset and discontented? You think an MBA can do you magic? Even if it does you need to make a wish first so that it'll come true. You don't even have an answer to that. When you don’t know what direction and destination you're heading towards to, how can I tell you by what means you can get there? Remember, your future lies in your own hands! You're the only one to decide your future, so tell me, what is that you want to be? How much are you willing to give and sacrifice in order to achieve that?