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How can I get into TEFL?
Question :

Dear Doc,

I'm currently employed in the hotel industry (F&B) and would like some advice on changing my career. I'm in my late 20's with a degree in Hotel Management and speak native English. The problem with my job, is that I'm finding it leaving me physically drained and tired.

I'm desperate to get into teaching but Im not sure what is the best way? I noticed that most places require TEFL and that there's also online course available. Doc, do you know whether online TEFL course are recognized in HK? Ideally I want to work at my current job while my studying for TEFL. Due to shift work it would be hard for me to attend TEFL taught in a classroom, therefore I'm just hoping that the online course is recognized...!

Posted by Summer on Saturday, 27 Nov 2010

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Posted Saturday 26th February 2011 07:05:00 PM


Why don’t you start teaching privately on weekends? This will give you some extra income, some much-needed experience, and a great opportunity to see if you’re actually suited to the work.


Posted Monday 7th March 2011 07:04:00 AM


I’ve been teaching English for two years now at a local teaching centre. I was not asked for a TEFL qualification when I applied, but many of my colleagues have them – some from online providers. Having said that, I think getting your qualification from a bricks-and-mortar institution provides better options. If you do choose to go the online route, be sure to sign up with one of the more reputable organisations.

Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 11th December 2010 03:07:39 AM


Though I don't know a lot about this TEFL qualification, I've checked it out for you, and in fact you could also find related information on the British Council's website. You'll need practical and physical teaching experience or your "online" plan won't work! When you say you're desperate to get into teaching, may I first ask you how and why? Are you not doing well in your present job? Or simply you don't like the job and that's why you're so desperate for a change? If what you're really desperate for is an escape, but not a keen interest in teaching, you'll never enjoy the job and soon you'll be desperately in need of another. You have to have a passion, and even better – a mission - in whatever you do, otherwise you'll never succeed. Do you know what is that you want?