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How can I get into a different industry?
Question :

Hi Dr.,

I have a master degree in non-business subject. I joined a commercial company in the same field and had worked in marketing department for 7 years.  My role was expanded to cover Asia Pacific region 2 years ago.  I quited my job recently because I don't want to travel too much due to family reason. Opportunity in the same field is very limited and only junior posts are available (senior posts are usually located in China); but it seems that I'm too experienced for junior posts (tried a lot and no luck).  So I want to get into different industry because of the extensive marketing experience I have; but I don't have marketing or BA degree (I do have a diploma in marketing).  

I'm thinking if I should get a MBA now or master degree in marketing or finance; but this is big investment and can't guarantee a job later.  Or will it be better to apply for junior post in different industry (but people may think I'm too experienced)?   Please advise.


Posted by STC on Friday, 03 Sep 2010

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Posted Monday 13th September 2010 09:08:00 PM


Did you not consider developing your career in line with your qualifications and vice versa? With so much doubt, it seems you may only be satisfied if you start your own business. You need to have confidence and take a targeted approach to your job hunting. Not every opportunity is a perfect fit but don't give up.

Career Doctor

Posted Friday 10th September 2010 09:26:06 PM


When you have actually been working in the marketing field for seven years, are you still not confident in the skills and experience which you acquired? Or you feel insecure or incompetent because you don't have a marketing or BA degree? You do have a diploma and enough work experience to qualify, you just need to be able to express clearly and confidently your transferable skills for the position you are applying for. An MBA can do no magic! And it certainly can't be served as any guarantee to get the dream job you want, or to get you any job to tell you the truth. Come on, it's you who employers have an interest in hiring and not the qualification/degree. The same condition applies when you're trying to apply for junior posts. When you are obviously over qualified and certainly not a good fit, do you think you have a chance? Will you be happy if “luckily” or “unluckily” you were offered the job? You need to know your own strengths and leverage on them. Let me know if you need further advice. Good luck!