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Get lost in career
Question :

I am a university graduate and now working as an accounts junior in one trading company. My previous job is to work as an Accounting and Administation Officer and also have few years working experience in the field of accounting and administration. I changed to the current junior post because I want to concentrate on the field of accounting and sit for CPA qualification exam. Due to financial tsunami, our company lay off few administration staff, so I need to take some administration tasks. Because of bad economy, I really have no choice but to accept the extra tasks. Now, it seems that the economy gets better. Our company starts hiring new staff again, however, they still not hire any administration staff. Sometimes, I really get lost in my career development as my dream is to be an accountant. Can you give me some opinions on my current situation?

Posted by sesamets on Thursday, 25 Mar 2010

Comments :

Career Doctor

Posted Wednesday 7th April 2010 05:23:00 PM


I don't see anything wrong being an Accountant with admin skills! Hey, it's multitasking we're all talking about these days! However if your admin duties are getting too heavy that it's affecting your principal accounting duties, you should talk to your management and point that out. Nothing is going or can stop you from being an Accountant, but you should also know it takes more than just calculation to be a good one, you know what I mean?


Posted Monday 29th March 2010 05:45:00 AM


Have you got the CPA exam passed? If yes, leave the current employer and seek a new one with professional working environment. Otherwise, stay until you get the exam passed.