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Difficult to change job nature?
posted on Monday, 14 November 2011 22:10

I've worked in Security field for 2 yr , as a supervisor, however, I think working in property areas is better (e.g. shorter working hours and better pay)

now, I'm only 30+, young, I want to find property (PM) job e.g. property assistant or Assistant Property Officer.. however seldom get interview chance, why?

I've certificate in PM and with F.7 qualification...want to studying degree further..however, job-seeking is difficult... job hunter, newspaper , job websites and sending CV to big company.. all the ways I used,.. but no feedback? why? is that a degree is a must for entry PM areas as a junior post? other factor affect me ?

any one can give comments / ideas?

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Louisa Yeung - Career Doctor's picture
Louisa Yeung - Career Doctor  
Posted Thursday, 15 December 2011 03:28 PM


It’s great that you are proactively seeking ways to step into a new career and a certificate in property management is definitely a good start. To improve your chances of securing an interview, you will need to work on building your employability by expanding your skills and experience, and better demonstrate your motivation for changing careers in your applications.

You should start by establishing your key motives for changing from security to property management. You have already given two valid reasons but you will need to determine some higher level broader reasons and then include these in your applications. This might include wanting the opportunity to progress your career, or work in an industry that interests you. Highlight these in your cover letter to show your motivation for property management to a potential employer.

The next thing you need to do is work toward building your skills and experience in the property management area. You should talk to your current employer about the possibility of moving into a property management role within the company, or having more of a focus on property management in your current role. If your existing employer isn't able to offer you this, you’ll need to look at security jobs in larger organisations that can offer you a career path into property management through promotions, development and training. This might take time, but gaining experience in a good company will be worth the investment that can help you step up to a property management role in the future.

Once you gain some experience, you can include your new skills on your CV to help you stand out among other candidates. When the time comes to interview, you can highlight your motivation and the steps you’ve taken to change your career from security to property management. You should also identify the strengths you already have that are transferable to property management, as well as any soft skills that you have demonstrated (in management or leadership, for example). Be targeted in your job search and clearly demonstrate how you meet the job requirements in your application for the best chance of getting an interview.

Last but not least, changing field and focus always takes time and you need to be patient and find a right platform to do it…

Good luck with your career change!

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