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Change/switch after a couple years of work
posted on Saturday, 11 September 2010 21:13

Dear Career Doctor,

I have got a master degree in epidemiology and worked as research assistant in the University for 7 years. However, my contract was terminated this April and I could not find a full time job for nearly half a year. I realized that the opening for the same field is very limited. I am now working part time as a clinical research associate and this is not the type of job I like. I would like to have a switch in my career path. If I can, I would like to be a Barista or I would like to work in the NGOs. Is it to late for me to have a change? Besides, whether there are some courses available for me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


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Posted Friday, 01 October 2010 11:24 AM

First of all, earning a living is utmost important, but you cannot sacrifice career prospect. My colleagues have very pretty well-known degrees. It means something, but not everything. Don't waste your 7-years-experiences. Don't give up.

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Posted Tuesday, 28 September 2010 11:11 PM

Dear Jonathan
Thanks for your message but I think the situation in Hong Kong is totally different those in the Philippines. Health administration or health promotion related jobs are dominated by doctors and nurses. Therefore I worked as Research Assistant in the previous years. I believe that I will not gain from getting another degree in the related field. I still face the same problem after my graduation. So I decide to have a career change. My younger brother urge me to find a secure full time job, despite of career prospective. By now, the most important for me is to earn a living.

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Career Doctor  
Posted Sunday, 19 September 2010 09:06 AM

It's never whether you can or you can't. It’s how badly you want it that counts. Or simply put how much you're willing to give and sacrifice in order to get it, that’s what matters!

And that brings out the most important point, how passionate are you to become a barista or to work for NGOs? What are you going to do with your valuable experience and the knowledge you have acquired in the past seven years? Should your contract have been renewed, would you still have thought about changing? Not just your job, but switching and starting an entirely new job/career?

I'm not here to tell you or try to convince you whether you should or shouldn't, can or can't change or do anything. Only you have the answers to that. Remember, it’s your life, your career and future which you are talking about. Ultimately you are in charge of every move and decision you make. There's no right or wrong, just what is most appropriate for you and what will make you happy and get you to where you want to be.

Yes, you haven't been able to find a related job since April. Knowing it's a narrow field, you should be easier on yourself as you are well aware that it'll take some time to find another one. If you really like the job nature, why quit so easily? Isn't it too early to surrender and give up?

To be honest, I don't feel your passion or heart in wanting to become a barista. When and how did you come up with this idea? Not to mention the pressure you're about to face should you want to make this change, both from family and friends. Perhaps working for an NGOs is a better option and it will be easier for you to convince them.

Remember, no one can stop you from following or chasing your dreams. There are successful cases of people switching careers even in the midst of their career. All you need to ask yourself is whether it is really your dream! Otherwise you'll never have enough will power and determination to get through and will be destined to fail from the get go. Give it a serious thought, and feel free to share with us what you decide on. Good luck!

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Posted Wednesday, 15 September 2010 04:24 PM

Dear Annie,

I feel your pain. Allow me to advise. Being a Barista is totally different from working for a NGO. Since you have a master in epidemiology and have worked for seven years, have you ever thought about doing a Master Degree in public health, public admin. or public policy. Or get a PhD.

I worked in the Philippines. Some NGOs or even institutions do need staff with medical knowledge.

Post me a msg on the forum if you like.

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