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posted on Wednesday, 14 September 2011 14:40

Dear Doctor,

I have been in recruitment for 2 years, and looking for a career change now. 
I find it quite ironic as I have been giving advices to candidates but I am lost myself. So I would like to seek for your professional advice, doctor.

As a brief introduction, I am a Media & Communications and Political Science graduate with 2 years experience working in a global recruitment agency. I started my career in recruitment upon my graduation. Although I had doubts when I first started, I lasted for two years, because of the lucrative nature. However, I do not have a strong interest in recruitment nor internal HR. So, I think that this is not right for me in a long run and I have left the industry 2 months ago.

Working in media or advertising has always been my interest.  I knew that salary is not great for entry level, so I am rather flexible on that. I have applied to most of the advertising entry roles, but I have got zero response so far. I was wondering what would be the problems. Is it because of my last salary range or what kind of concerns do they typically have? What kind of entry level role should I focus on?

Please advice. Appreciate your help.


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Anonymous's picture
Posted Thursday, 22 December 2011 12:49 AM

Dear Career Doctor, what does it take to be the executive assistant to Chairman? I see ads that mention the salary is 1M+. Is that for real?

Catherine Ng - Career Doctor's picture
Catherine Ng - Career Doctor  
Posted Friday, 28 October 2011 12:10 PM

As a good first step in your job search, you have already established a clear career goal – work in media and advertising arena, which has always been your interest.

Instead of looking at the problems and concerns from potential employers, let’s focus on how best to position your strength and get you to where you are passionate about.

Within media and advertising & communication field, there are different areas – sales, marketing, copywriting, designing, editing and there are many entry level positions such as advertising sales, project coordinator, editor, production assistant, program coordinator and media assistant.

There are also various organizations you can work for – marketing and advertising agencies, newspapers and journals, TV and radio broadcasting, and even corporate PR and communications roles. You have to identify what types of roles and organizations you desire to work for. It would be necessary to tailor your profile to each of the role and organization accordingly, rather than applying one CV to all job applications.

It would be helpful to include a career objective statement at the beginning of your CV. A good example would be “dedicated to an advertising sales role with an online advertising agency” or “committed to editing role with a renowned publication”. This way, employers screening the CVs know at first sight what you are looking for.

To show your commitment, you can put down a statement of reason of leaving your former employment with the recruitment firm – to return to a career you are interested in. Employers will then understand remuneration package is not your priority and you would be flexible with it.

It is not only the CV that impresses employers. Your work done before, be it advertising design artwork or editorials written up, would tell potential employers about your talent. You can attach these to your applications, or show them during the interviews.

Many good career starts on a contract basis. If you would also consider contract roles to build up experience, this would help your profile.

Job searching is like marathon. It requires you to have faith in yourself as well as persistence to accomplish the goal. I am sure you will get there soon.

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