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Written by Raymond Ma on Sat, 05 Apr 2014
Regulatory reform has led to soaring respect for compliance experts, writes Raymond Ma.
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Written by Contributor on Mon, 09 Sep 2013
Base compensation in 2013 has remained fairly consistent, with salary increases in line with the overall market, says Christopher Aukland.
Written by Rex Aguado on Mon, 09 Sep 2013
With job cuts still hounding cross-border finance, a key question for the unemployed in the banking world is how to penetrate the next frontier – the...
Written by Raymond Ma on Mon, 09 Sep 2013
What banking jobs are in highest demand in China? From an investment banking point of view, the situation has been mixed, says Martin Cerullo.
Written by Raymond Ma on Mon, 09 Sep 2013
The RMB’s dizzying ascent has shaken world banking but it has far to go to achieve dominance, writes Raymond Ma.
Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 17 Aug 2013
New finance courses surge after 2008 meltdown, writes Darius Musni.
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