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Your window to healthy profits
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, August 21, 2010

When your company suffers losses, look at the interior of the office to see if something can be done in terms of fung shui to improve the situation.

The area directly opposite your main entrance should preferably be a wall, not a window, otherwise the chi, which enters your office or business, will immediately drain away and cause you to experience financial problems and pressures. 

You should install screens or blinds between a window and the main entrance to stop the chi from flowing out. There are areas where you should not carry out renovations this year. These are known as the "Grand Duke", the "Clash", the "Three Penalties" and the "Five Yellow" sectors. They are identified by traditional fung shui schools from calculations, and are mentioned in Chinese almanacs published in Putonghua and English.

If you are drilling, knocking down walls or carrying out construction work in these sectors, obstacles and problems may occur. For this year, the "Grand Duke" sector is located in the northeast, the "Clash" area is in the southwest, the "Three Penalties" sector in the north and the "Five Yellow" area in the southwest.

This does not mean you cannot renovate at all. You should seek the advice of a professional fung shui consultant regarding the dates and directions to start renovations.

Finally, look at the design and logo of your company.

Have you changed its colour or shape recently? You may have changed it to a colour or shape that does not support your business, and this has resulted in unforeseen obstacles, such as falling profits.

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