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Use almanac for best travel dates
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, August 28, 2010

If you want your business trips to be successful, choose the most auspicious dates for travel and other activities from the Chinese Almanac, a compendium of astrological information which can be used for fung shui and date selection purposes.

Each edition lists information for specific activities from the first day of the lunar year until the last day of the lunar year.

It also lists the element-animal combination for the day. For example, whether the day belongs to fire, metal, earth, water or wood element and which of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals it combines with.

This information is important for determining whether a day will be beneficial to you on a personal level.

To choose the best date for business trips, pick a day for travel and then determine whether it is suitable for you and your colleagues from your year of birth, focusing on the element and animal of your year of birth.

If a group is travelling, ensure that the day is suited to the group leader. Some fung shui masters use more complicated formulas pertaining to the time of birth, but this is beyond non-fung shui professionals.

Don't be mistaken that the direction of travel will need to correspond to your year of birth as per the kua number formula, which divides people into the east and west groups. As per this formula, people are advised to travel in certain beneficial directions. Be clear that your direction of travel for business trips is not as important as the day itself, and should not be limited by this formula.

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