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Take note of seating plan
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fung shui factors can account for high turnover rates. Note where the people who have left the firm were facing when they were sitting down. If they were facing the main door, or if the entrance was visible from their desk, this might have resulted in their departure.

If you have your own office, don't sit in the direct path of your own entrance. When you are in the direct path of the energy that is entering and exiting the office, you will be caught up in its volatility. This fung shui error is usually committed by those seeking to "tap" their favourable directions as per the "Eight Mansions School" of fung shui, without realising the influence of the environmental factors already present.

Another reason why employees may have left may be due to the renovations that were carried out in sectors where there should not have been any digging, drilling or knocking. For instance, the southwest this year has the "five yellow stars" associated with accidents and mishaps, while the north is the "three killings direction". The "Grand Duke" sector is in the northeast and the "clash sector" in the southwest. Extensive renovations carried out in these sectors may have caused an exodus of employees when negative energies were released.

Avoid renovations in these sectors, detailed in Chinese almanacs, or seek advice from a fung shui professional.

If your staff are sitting with edges of pillars directed towards their backs, then they are in the path of poison arrows that will send shar, or negative energy, towards them, resulting in an unsettled feeling and wanting to leave the company. Sit at right angles to pillars so that you will not be at an angle to the edges and negative energy.

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