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Pointing in the right directions
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, February 27, 2010

So where does one sit in the office? For some, seating arrangements are of vital importance as what one sees may have grave consequences.

For instance, you should not sit facing the entrance or main door of the office, otherwise you may end up losing your job.

It is alright to sit in a diagonal direction to the entrance door, yet face the same wall in which the entrance door is located.

However, make sure you are not facing a window, even if it provides some amazing views.

This is because what goes on outside the office can sometimes be distracting and may affect your concentration.

In addition, if you look outside the window for significant periods, the stunning view will gradually become "wall paper", and will no longer be interesting or stimulating. If you happen to face the east or west, the rays from the rising or setting sun will also disrupt your work.

If you are fortunate enough to have great views from your office window, it is recommended that you sit with the view to your left or right so that you can look out periodically when you are taking a break and trying to refresh your mind.

Regarding doors, you should not sit with your back to them, otherwise you may find yourself constantly surprised by colleagues approaching you from behind.

If the door is directly behind you, there is also an increased likelihood of being criticised or backstabbed by others. In such situations, you should move your desk so that you will be able to see who approaches you first before they are right next to you.


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