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A notion for promotion
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, September 3, 2011

You may have noticed that in spite of your best efforts at work and all those extra hours that you clock in at the office, you are still being passed over for a promotion.

Of course, factors such as academic qualification, work experience and your relationship with your employers must also be taken into account. But if these factors have not played a significant role in you missing the promotion bandwagon, perhaps you need to look into the fung shui of your work place.

First, consider which sector you are sitting relative to the rest of the office. The Flying Stars School of fung shui divides an area into nine sectors, each governed by a specific energy each year, starting from February to the end of January the following year.

If you have been passed over for a promotion, chances are that you are sitting in a negative sector associated with the five yellow earth star - a sector dominated by accidents, mishaps and general misfortune. This year, this is located in the east.

Another negative sector this year is that associated with the three green wood star, which is located in the north. Those sitting in this sector may find themselves working hard for no reward.

To ascertain which sector you are sitting in, you need to have a general plan of the office and divide it into nine sectors like a tic-tac-toe grid. Some fung shui consultants prefer to divide the area into eight sections of a pie, but note that this method does not provide a central area that is the same size as the other sectors.

If you find yourself sitting in the east, you can reduce this sector's negative earth energy by introducing metallic items such as coins or other ornaments on your desk. If you are sitting in the north, the negative wood energy can be eased by introducing the fire element in the form of the colour red - a red sheet of paper or even red cushions (see Figure 1). In any case, it would be much better to relocate to another sector in your office.

The two most positive sectors this year are governed by the eight earth star and the nine fire star, which are in the northwest and west, respectively (see Figure 2). If you are sitting in the former sector, you will enjoy opportunities to boost your earnings, which may be in the form of a promotion. If you are in the latter sector, you will enjoy a harmonious, career-enhancing relationship with your employer.

If you are not allowed to shift to these sectors, you can still stimulate them by placing a small water feature on the northwest or west sector of your desk. The movement, or yang energy, of the water feature will stimulate the positive chi within these sectors.

Of course, you have to think about the proper installation or placement of any water feature. That is, the wires should not obstruct the path of colleagues who are walking by and you also need to consider the safe positioning of power points. Finally, keep in mind that any potential water spillage may damage your company's electrical equipment. That would be bad luck indeed.

E-mail your career-related fung shui queries to Jin Peh, the Classified Post fung shui master, at editor@classifiedpost.com

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