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Choose off-site days carefully
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, September 4, 2010

To maximise the effectiveness of off-site events, ensure that they are held on a day that is conducive to signing contracts or starting new ventures.

Look up the Chinese almanac to confirm the overall nature of the day will be positive. For instance, it may be good for moving house, but not for signing new contracts. If the day is auspicious for business activities, you will then need to ensure that the element, or the Chinese zodiac animal of the day, does not clash with the birth chart of the leading person of the company or of the individual who is heading the project.

Next, consider the layout of the location. If it is in an office, ensure that your team sits along the side of the room where there are walls behind them, and not windows. If there are only glass walls in the room, choose the side that will allow you to see who enters the room at all times. Have your presentation materials against a solid wall, not the window, as the reflection will cause the energy behind you to distract yourself and the audience.

If your company is hiring a booth at a convention, the booth should not be directly opposite the main entrance to the hall. This avoids the attacking chi that originates from the main passageway. It should also not be in the path of toilets or fire exits. Avoid booths at the end of a long passageway. 

If you are meeting a potential business partner or rival in a restaurant, arrive before they do and choose the seat located in the power position, which allows you to see them before they see you and with your back to a wall. Do not sit with your back to the entrance and allow others to tap you on your shoulder. 

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