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Choose the best sitting position
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, May 14, 2011

My boss has passed me over for promotion twice. What can I do to boost my job prospects? Joe 

You need to consider some of the fung shui factors that may have contributed to this. First, what is your sitting position at work? You are probably in a vulnerable spot. If you are sitting with your back to a door, then you are likely to be criticised by your colleagues without your knowledge. You are essentially being backstabbed.

The same thing could happen if you are sitting with your back to a passageway. Sitting against a glass window will result in not getting enough support from your superiors. If you are under a fluorescent light, an air conditioning vent, an overhanging beam or pipe, then you may experience some problems at work.

The best approach is to relocate your desk or reorient it so that you are not under any overhead structures and you sit with your back against the wall. You should be able to see your colleagues approaching you at all times.

Some fung shui masters may calculate your best directions from your astrology chart or your year of birth. But fung shui is only part of the total picture.

The most important thing to consider is the effort you put into your job. Perhaps those who got promoted ahead of you are simply more efficient or industrious. You can benefit from positive fung shui, but if you do not work hard and meet your employer's expectations, miracles won't happen.

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