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Celebrate with positive energy
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, December 11, 2010

As you put up Christmas decorations and throw parties in the workplace, bear in mind favourable fung shui sectors associated with yang energy in the form of activity and celebration.

This year's wealth sector is located in the centre, so placing seasonal ornaments there may further business growth until the start of February. The energy associated with celebrations can be found in the northwest.

If you would like to work in harmony with colleagues, consider putting up decorations in the romance sectors, which also represent good interpersonal relationships, in the west and the north.

You will need a compass to ascertain where north and south lie before dividing the office into nine sectors. These are the cardinal sectors (north, south, east and west), the intercardinal sectors (northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast) and the centre. 

Check what these zones are used for and decide whether it would be appropriate to put up decorations. For instance, if the favourable sectors fall in the sitting area and the storage room, it would make more sense to decorate the former.

In picking the date for the office Christmas party, consult a Chinese almanac.

In the Chinese calendar, December is the month of the rat, so it is best to avoid the clashing day of the horse on December 10 or 22.

If your company has already designated the 22nd for the party, mitigate the clash on this day by starting the event between 7pm and 9pm, which is the hour of the dog that, in turn, will combine with the horse to reduce the clashing effect with the rat. 

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