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Best logo based on right element
Jin Peh
update on Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm about to set up a new business. What's the fung shui of designing company logos? Carry

Before selecting a logo for your company, determine the type of service or product your enterprise offers and find out which of the five elements it represents: water, wood, fire, metal or water.

Colours and shapes fall under specific elements. You should be able to identify which element your company belongs to. Avoid shapes or colours that will affect the nature of your business. If you are running a real estate company, then your business belongs to the earth element. This element represents trust, which is why consultancy firms also belong to this group.

Earth is supported by the fire element. Thus, colours that are appropriate for company logos of earth-related businesses should represent the earth element (brown, beige, yellow, earth tones) and the fire element (red, orange, lavender, purple, pink). Shapes that can be used in the design of earth-related logos include triangles and squares.

In the cycle of destruction, earth is attacked by the wood element. Hence, using green or rectangles in the logo would not be recommended.

Metal is destroyed by fire, thus using red, orange, pink or purple or triangles in the logo of a metal company such as a finance firm is not recommended.

Metal melts to form water, so using black or blue or wavy, irregular patterns is not a good idea.Next week: more on the fung shui of logos.

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