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Corporate culture
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update on Saturday, August 21, 2010

Susanna Yau
Director of human resources, The Peninsula Hong Kong

Corporate culture  

The Peninsula Hong Kong's corporate culture is unique because we see our team as a family.

We are obviously interested in how well staff perform at work, but also care about them as individuals, and pay close attention to their personal well-being.  

Merits of the culture  

This approach helps to develop close working relationships within and between different teams. It promotes a strong sense of belonging and loyalty, meaning that we have many long-serving employees and one of the lowest rates of staff turnover in the local hotel industry. Our longest-serving members of staff have been with us for 50 years, and more than 250 individuals have been with the hotel for 10 years or more.  


Our corporate culture doesn't depend on any particular activities, but is passed down through the generations. When someone new comes on board, the first thing he or she may notice is the high percentage of colleagues who have worked their way up with the company. Without having to state it specifically, this shows it is a great place to build a career and that loyalty is appreciated.

We also have long service award presentations to acknowledge staff who have been with the company for five years and above. In addition, some employees have actually recommended that their children follow in their footsteps, so we have had instances of parents and a son or daughter working for the hotel at the same time - exemplifying the concept of the Peninsula as a family.

Besides that, we have written courtesy guidelines, which are shared with all our sister hotels. These help uphold the required standards of service and behaviour when interacting with guests and attending to their needs.

Yip Yuk-hong
Head of operations, Genki Sushi

Corporate culture  

At Genki Sushi, we want to create a happy working environment in line with the Japanese style, and to help staff achieve their aspirations. The aim is to tap into the company's Japanese origins and promote an authentic sushi culture in Hong Kong, demonstrating this in our corporate vision and management systems.  

Merits of the culture  

Workplace conditions and relations among staff are very important. They have a big impact on our employees' sense of enjoyment and job satisfaction, which is essential, especially for staff retention.

If we get things right in that respect, we can maintain the highest standards of quality, service and hygiene, and become one of the strongest players in the local restaurant scene. At present, our retention rate is quite satisfactory, with about two-thirds of our 60 store managers promoted from within, many of them having started out as store assistants.  


We now offer master classes for potential sushi chefs to learn from renowned masters in Japan. Very few local restaurants offer this kind of professional training.

We also have a systematic training scheme for all new recruits in Hong Kong. They receive six months of on-the-job instruction covering basic kitchen duties, and the skills and knowledge related to frontline service. Three training stores have been opened for new joiners to undergo an intensive two weeks of service/kitchen instruction, after which they enter a job rotation scheme.

Our human resources team has made a special effort to foster a stronger sense of belonging by arranging sports events and excursions. Recently, we invited all frontline employees to participate in a tea-set menu competition.

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