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Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 09 Feb 2013
Goal setting is a key to success, but it's easy to lose track when you're too busy dealing with everyday life, writes Darius Musni.
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Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 19 Jan 2013
A call recorder is a handy app to have when you’re unable to jot down notes during an important phone call or for backing up verbal agreements made...
Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 12 Jan 2013
Do you need to give a PowerPoint presentation but you've forgotten your wireless presenter? Or simply want to pause the movie you're...
Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 05 Jan 2013
Can’t recall to whom you lent your flash drive containing sensitive client files? Or unable to return the vintage Parker 51 you borrowed because you...
Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 15 Dec 2012
Are you eyeing up a graduate management programme but too busy to attend formal review classes? If so, don’t worry, as this app will help you prepare...
Written by Darius Musni on Sat, 08 Dec 2012
Many successful people attest to the usefulness of positive affirmations – statements you can say to try and lift yourself – in achieving personal...
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